Thursday March 19, 2020

EXHIBITS:  Judging at 9:45am

ARTISTIC:  "Best Seller"  Interpret a book title using
designer's choice of plant material; maximum allotted
space permitted 20 inches in width

HORTICULTURE: A forced flower branch not to exceed

UDGES:  Norma Jean, Jan

PROGRAM: Exterior Design: Decorating your Garden

PRESENTER: Renee Marsh

Renee is Horticultural Chair of FGCCT and owner of A
Simpler Place,a landscaping consulting service.  She will
help us look at how to apply the basics of interior design
to our gardens and add a personal flair.

REFRESHMENTS: Light refreshments will be provided for
visitors; lunch will be provided for members.

HOSTESSES:  Rosemary, June, Linda

BUSINESS MEETING:  Will follow program

Thursday, March 12, 2020 9:30 am
At the home of Joanne McKendry

Civic:  None