Thursday, September 20, 2018
Hollister House Garden
300 Nettleton Hollow Road
Washington, CT.

Board Meeting:      
Sept. 13, 2018
Location TBA

"Beautifully situated on a sloping, terraced site in the rolling
hills of Litchfield County in northwestern Connecticut,
Hollister House Garden is an American interpretation of such
classic English gardens as Sissinghurst, Great Dixter and
Hidcote, formal in its structure but informal and rather wild in
its style of planting.  Begun in 1979 by George Schoellkopf
and Ron Johnson, the garden since that time has evolved
under George's direction into a unique synthesis  of the
formal and the narural, the right angles of paths, walls and
hedges melting seamlessly into the lush surrounding
landscape, which forms a magnificent backdrop to the
garden's exuberant plantings. Since 1993 Gerald Incandela
has contributed greatly to the garden's development with his
artist's eye trained on redefining the surrounding landscape.

The garden is sited on the southeastern side of a rambling but
serenely dignified eighteenth century house on 25 acres of
mostly wooded countryside.  Although the garden is in no
way a recreation of an eighteenth century garden, it was
nevertheless planned to complement the old house and
antique or hand made materials have been used wherever
possible in its construction.  Various eighteenth century b
informal  vista with delightfularns and outbuildings are
visible from the garden and further help to root it in the
history of the place.  The garden unfolds in successive layers
of space and color with delightful informal vistas from one
section to the next.  Eight-to-ten foot walls and hedges with
dramatic changes in level define the progression of garden
spaces-"rooms" as the English like to say - and create a firm
architectural framework for the romantic abundance of the
plantings.  A winding brook and a large pond at the bottom of
the lawn add to the variety of the garden scene."

CIVIC: September 27, 2018 - 9:30 am clean-up at the
Museum Garden/Summer House