At the Annual Luncheon, the new Board was installed and our club honored Elaine
Rajcula as a valued member for 50 years, Jan Stanco installed the new board for
2018. Diane Flood is the president, Kathy Berg is vice-president, Treasurers are
Jan Stanco and Shiela Stramboni, recording Secretaries are Diane Mariano and
Linda Padroff, and Corresponding Secretary is Joanne McKendry. Looking forward
to a great year.
We also had awards for the mini arrangements-
1st place  - Diane Flood
2nd place - Rosemary Hartman and Jan Stnco
3rd place - Diane Mariano
Great job girls.. very creative.
Elaine Rajcula.has been a valued
member for 50 years. She
received certificates from The
Federated and National  and State
Garden Clubs, Steven Dunn-First
Selectman of Brookfield, Dennis
DiPinto of Park & Rec and Bob
Brown of the Historical Society.
She received gifts from the club of
this beautiful necklace with 50
hearts and a gold rose which will
never wilt.  We are very thankful
to have Elaine be part of our club.
She is such a resource of
knowledge and is loved by all.