National Garden Week – Day 5 – Virtual Tour

“Gardening furnishes a challenging and productive activity for our citizens, for those just learning as well as those having years of experience…”

We start today’s tour with a visit to Sheila’s garden.  Sheila has confessed a fascination with irises, and these two are just a sampling. There is much color and texture in Sheila’s garden. Pink weigela abounds and is beautiful in bloom.  That pink creeping phlox in the rock crevice is both determined and gorgeous.  And who would have thought this hot orange flower is called an ice plant.

Next up is Jeanne’s garden.  Jeanne is a whiz with shady spots. You can be, too. Lots of plants are happy to live in shade. Here, candelabra primulas thrive near a shady brook. Hostas and aquilegia are happy in shade under the deck. But all is not shade in Jeanne’s garden.  Irises are quite happy in these sunny spots.

Thanks for being with us today. Happy gardening!

National Garden Week – Day 4 – Virtual Tour

“Gardeners advocate the importance of all creatures, large and small, that share our world and their roles in a balanced and productive ecology…”

We are stopping by four garden spots today.  First, check out the sleek silver mailbox at Cindy’s partnered with the bold purple of clematis. A site to behold for mail deliverer and recipient alike. 

Next stop is Dianne’s garden.  Butterflies love the toad lilies that she grows. 

Barbara’s best friend likes her garden and settles in the pachysandra for a pose.  Greeting visitors coming up the drive is a pretty array of azalea, coral bells, hosta, yarrow, and creeping phlox.

Finally, a share from an unnamed member with a sense of humor.  It is called ‘a little bit of country’.

Thanks for being with us today. Happy gardening!

National Garden Week – Day 3 – Virtual Tour

“Gardeners work to preserve our country’s traditional spirit of independence and initiative through innovation and hard work…”

For today’s tour, let us begin with Laura’s garden. The daffodils were first on the scene in her garden.  What a bright display.  But not to be outdone, the roses are stealing the show.  Tucked against a wall, the peonies are nothing at all like wallflowers.  And a concrete basket of pink geraniums in a corner bed filled with salvia and peonies is an inviting area filled with color.

Next up, we visit Leo’s garden which was bedecked this spring with an array of colors from his many azalea and rhododendron shrubs.  Leo likes to make use of rock formations within the garden. They add a great structural element. And what can one say about those hostas! This was just a sampling of his many varieties.

Thanks for being with us today. Happy gardening!

National Garden Week – Day 2 – Virtual Tour

“Gardeners seek to add beauty, splendor, fragrance and nutrition to our lives through the growing of herbs, vegetables, foliage and flowers…”

Today we will visit Joanne’s garden.  Joanne is the classic avid gardener with a true gardener’s eye and skill. Look how just a few plants can dress up a functional shed. Aren’t those shoes a creative addition? Joanne loves to get into the patriotic mood and makes sure that her plants do, too. She combines red bee balm, white feverfew, and blue hydrangea to get the right effect. With Japanese ghost ferns, a graceful Japanese maple, and a lovely stone lantern, a corner of the garden has a ‘Zen’ atmosphere. Succulents find a home next to a wall. Cascading syringa ‘bridal veil’ does justice to its name. And a closeup of a lace cap hydrangea bloom is stunning.

Thanks for being with us today. Happy gardening!

National Garden Week Begins Today

“Gardeners have a passion for nurturing the beauty and resources of the earth through the planting of seeds, the care of all plants and the riches of their efforts…”

In a beautifully worded proclamation that begins with the above statement, the National Garden Clubs designates June 6 through June 12 as National Garden Week. The proclamation calls out and acknowledges the importance of gardening and the wonderful contributions that all gardeners make.

The Garden Club of Brookfield invites you to join with them as they celebrate this week.  Each day we will post a few photos (a ‘virtual tour’) to give you a glimpse of our gardens, both civic and personal.   We hope our posts will bring some joy to your week and encourage you to experiment with your own gardens.

Today we will start our tour with photos from the Museum Garden located at the intersection of Routes 133 and 25. This is one of the several civic gardens that club members care for in town. This spring the garden received a new sign to welcome visitors to the space. The gazebo was proudly dressed for this Memorial Day. Iris, Gas Plant, Lamb’s Ear, Artemisia, and Thyme are just some of the many plants that you will see in this garden.  If you get there in person, settle yourself on a bench and take it all in.

Happy National Garden Week.

Now get out there and garden!

PS: We would also like to thank the Brookfield Library for recognizing this week with a special topic table dedicated to gardens and gardening.  Check out the display and the books the librarians have recommended.

New Signs Mark our Civic Gardens

As part of its mission, the Garden Club of Brookfield supports the maintenance of several gardens in town. Throughout the growing season you have likely seen our members raking, weeding, trimming, and planting the flower beds and borders. The club is pleased to have recently completed a project to design, make and install signs in each of those civic gardens – helping make our presence known. Our logo – a thistle – is prominently displayed in the center of the sign indicating the club name.