National Garden Week – Day 7 – Virtual Tour

“Gardening enables members of Garden Clubs across the nation and the world to make a world of difference in the communities where they reside and work.”

On our final tour day, we begin with a visit to Jan’s garden. Jan appreciates her garden most when she sits on her porch in the summer.  Her garden invites birds, butterflies, chipmunks and more – and they all provide enjoyment. Neatly terraced steps with spikes of salvia beckon you further into the garden. A bed with hosta and phlox frames the back of the house.  Drifts of yellow flowers almost float in the air and provide contrast to the dark green of the woods.

Although we visited mostly flower gardens this week, we cannot forget about the fun of vegetable gardens. NJ has one. It consists of two 4×8 raised beds, a 2×8 elevated bed and several containers.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, scallions in the first, beans, cucumbers, lettuce, squash in the second, radishes, swiss chard, and carrots in the third.  There are red geraniums on a red hook for show and practical marigolds and sunflowers to attract beneficial insects.  There is even a bench for sitting with a glass of wine in the evening to observe the garden’s progress.

Thanks for visiting today’s gardens and for celebrating National Garden Week with us. Happy gardening!