National Garden Week Begins Today

“Gardeners have a passion for nurturing the beauty and resources of the earth through the planting of seeds, the care of all plants and the riches of their efforts…”

In a beautifully worded proclamation that begins with the above statement, the National Garden Clubs designates June 6 through June 12 as National Garden Week. The proclamation calls out and acknowledges the importance of gardening and the wonderful contributions that all gardeners make.

The Garden Club of Brookfield invites you to join with them as they celebrate this week.  Each day we will post a few photos (a ‘virtual tour’) to give you a glimpse of our gardens, both civic and personal.   We hope our posts will bring some joy to your week and encourage you to experiment with your own gardens.

Today we will start our tour with photos from the Museum Garden located at the intersection of Routes 133 and 25. This is one of the several civic gardens that club members care for in town. This spring the garden received a new sign to welcome visitors to the space. The gazebo was proudly dressed for this Memorial Day. Iris, Gas Plant, Lamb’s Ear, Artemisia, and Thyme are just some of the many plants that you will see in this garden.  If you get there in person, settle yourself on a bench and take it all in.

Happy National Garden Week.

Now get out there and garden!

PS: We would also like to thank the Brookfield Library for recognizing this week with a special topic table dedicated to gardens and gardening.  Check out the display and the books the librarians have recommended.