National Garden Week – Day 2 – Virtual Tour

“Gardeners seek to add beauty, splendor, fragrance and nutrition to our lives through the growing of herbs, vegetables, foliage and flowers…”

Today we will visit Joanne’s garden.  Joanne is the classic avid gardener with a true gardener’s eye and skill. Look how just a few plants can dress up a functional shed. Aren’t those shoes a creative addition? Joanne loves to get into the patriotic mood and makes sure that her plants do, too. She combines red bee balm, white feverfew, and blue hydrangea to get the right effect. With Japanese ghost ferns, a graceful Japanese maple, and a lovely stone lantern, a corner of the garden has a ‘Zen’ atmosphere. Succulents find a home next to a wall. Cascading syringa ‘bridal veil’ does justice to its name. And a closeup of a lace cap hydrangea bloom is stunning.

Thanks for being with us today. Happy gardening!