National Garden Week – Day 4 – Virtual Tour

“Gardeners advocate the importance of all creatures, large and small, that share our world and their roles in a balanced and productive ecology…”

We are stopping by four garden spots today.  First, check out the sleek silver mailbox at Cindy’s partnered with the bold purple of clematis. A site to behold for mail deliverer and recipient alike. 

Next stop is Dianne’s garden.  Butterflies love the toad lilies that she grows. 

Barbara’s best friend likes her garden and settles in the pachysandra for a pose.  Greeting visitors coming up the drive is a pretty array of azalea, coral bells, hosta, yarrow, and creeping phlox.

Finally, a share from an unnamed member with a sense of humor.  It is called ‘a little bit of country’.

Thanks for being with us today. Happy gardening!