National Garden Week – Day 3 – Virtual Tour

“Gardeners work to preserve our country’s traditional spirit of independence and initiative through innovation and hard work…”

For today’s tour, let us begin with Laura’s garden. The daffodils were first on the scene in her garden.  What a bright display.  But not to be outdone, the roses are stealing the show.  Tucked against a wall, the peonies are nothing at all like wallflowers.  And a concrete basket of pink geraniums in a corner bed filled with salvia and peonies is an inviting area filled with color.

Next up, we visit Leo’s garden which was bedecked this spring with an array of colors from his many azalea and rhododendron shrubs.  Leo likes to make use of rock formations within the garden. They add a great structural element. And what can one say about those hostas! This was just a sampling of his many varieties.

Thanks for being with us today. Happy gardening!